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  • Melissa Bush

    This is Melissa and I am a professional photographer and illustrator.

    I was surprised, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your website. If you use a copyrighted image without my permission, you must be aware that you could be sued by the owner.

    It’s illicitly to use stolen images and it’s so filthy!

    Check out this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t remove the images mentioned in the document above within the next several days, I’ll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.
  • Ruben Perez
    I need if Shirley can make a Walk through are lady of the angel church and to My lot
  • Paul Baker
    I love Chick-Fil-A and I’m very disappointed in your behavior. I will remember when it is time to vote.
  • Darya Fridman
  • Daniel Day
    To Whom it May concern,

    My name is Daniel Day and I’m the author of the, formerly Bicycle San Antonio (

    Back in 2017, I created a Bicycle Voters Guide to see which candidates were bicycle friendly and to inform other candidates of the bicycle and Transit issues for San Antonio. You can see that previous voter’s guide by clicking on this link: ( Mr Trevino answered my questions and you can see his responses here (

    If you need any help, please contact me at, or give me a call at (210) 980-8949. You can also contact me on FB at ( and my twitter handle is @BikeSanAntonio

    Do to miscommunication from asking these questions from 2017, I decided to create a Google Survey so you don’t have to worry about not being able to contact me. You can find that here ( but those questions are also below.

    Now this first question must be answered but it won’t be hold against you, however my readers would like to know.

    Do You Ride A Bicycle?

    Yes, No, Maybe


    Questions From 2017: A. Will you as Mayor/Councilman implement the Bicycle Master Plan throughout the city/in your district?

    Answer: Yes

    Explanation: San Antonio has a Bicycle Master Plan. That plan must continue to be revised, but a bicycle master plan that is a separate plan from other transportation and development plans will never fully achieve safe, convenient cycling for residents of all abilities. I have and will continue to champion transportation policies that make cycling, walking, and transit the preferred choices of transportation. I firmly believe walkability and active transportation are not only quality of life measures, but they are metrics of sustainability and economic opportunity. My husband and I are committed cyclists. As a voting member of the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) and Chair of the Bicycle Mobility Advisory Committee of the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO, I advocate for bicycle mobility considerations in all projects.

    A. Will you push for bike lanes and protected bikeways down major streets and roads?

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    Question From 2017: C. Will you make it illegal to park a car in the bicycle lane?

    Your Answer: Yes

    B. It’s still not illegal to park a car in the bike lane except where there are no parking signs posted? What are the obstacles to making this a reality and Will you make it illegal to park a car in the bike lane? *

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    Question From 2017:

    F. Will you amend Sec. 19-286. Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited, so people can ride their bicycles on the sidewalk?

    Your Answer: No (see explanation)Explanation: In the existing environment, there are times and places where cyclists feel pressured to ride on the sidewalk, but an ordinance to allow riding on sidewalks does not address the underlying causes. Moreover, adopting such an ordinance may negatively impact the effort to improve cycling and walking in the city by tacitly acknowledging streets are the rightful domain of motorists, and that bicycles belong on sidewalks. My goal, and I would ask the cycling community to share this goal, is to make cycling safe and pleasant on every street. A street where a person feels it is prudent to ride on the sidewalk is indicative of a failing street, a street that needs redesign, not the adoption of an ordinance to permit riding bicycles on sidewalks.

    C. Back in October 2018, You voted ‘Yea’ for the allowance of Dockless Scooters to use the sidewalk. Why is it okay for a vehicle that is harder to control to be allowed on the sidewalk and not a bicycle, and will you amend Sec. 19-286. Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited, so people can ride their bicycles on the sidewalk? *

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    Question From 2017:

    H. Will you either amend or repeal Sec. 22-28. Public parks hours of operation and curfew, so people can use the Howard W. Peak Greenway trails after dark?

    Your Answer: Yes

    D. As of right now, it is still illegal to use your bicycle on the linear creekways after dark. What are the obstacles of making this a reality and will you either amend or repeal Sec. 22-28. Public parks hours of operation and curfew, so people can use the Howard W. Peak Greenway except for parts of the trail that go through private property? *

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    Scooter Questions

    E. Will you make all scooter travel data easily accessible?

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    F. Will you limit the number of scooters to 16,000 and hire a third party to patrol neighborhoods around downtown to pick up scooters blocking sidewalks?

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    VIA’s Questions

    Before answering the next question, please watch the video….

    G. Ezra Johnson who sits on the VIA board said that he would work on implementing Fare Capping. Will you support “Fare Capping”?

    Yes, No, Maybe…


    Question From 2017: I. Are you willing to look for more funding options to improve and expand VIA bus service?

    Your Answer: Yes

    Explanation: I supported the recent effort to increase VIA funding, but I believe the fundamental challenge faced by VIA is not directly a funding problem, but rather a land use problem. Low density, separated use development patterns place formidable barriers to transit. These barriers cannot practically be overcome with funding. SA Tomorrow gives us a foundation to begin addressing the policy issues that created these barriers in San Antonio. Persistence and diligence are required to ensure that the possibilities created by SA Tomorrow result in real achievements in the city, achievements that can genuinely make walking, cycling and transit the preferred travel modes over private automobile use.

    H. Will you either maintain or increase the funding for VIA from the city of San Antonio general revenue?

    Yes, No, Maybe…

    This is a multiple choice question. Please select any choice you feel will solve the problem. How will you bring San Antonio back into EPA air quality compliance? Choice to choose from are……..

    A. There is no EPA Air Quality Problem

    B. Have buses powered by an Electric Catenary like a train. to understand this answer, please watch this video (

    C. Smog controls on cars

    D. Put Protected Bike Lanes down Major corridors

    E. Make room for more lanes on Freeways

    F. Have HOV Lanes w/option for toll

    G. Remove all bike lanes so cars are not slowed down

    H. Other: Please Explain

    And finally I would like to ask all the candidates about what do you know about the trackless train? I’m asking this question to see what the average person knows about this technology and this question won’t be used in the voters guide. Any answer for this question will remain anonymous.
    Thank You for replying to these questions,


    Daniel Day

    Author of The

    AAT stands for Alamo Alternative Transportation.
  • Dave I
    Let’s go Shirley! Good luck this year in the upcoming elections!
  • Cliff Brimmer
    Our team supports you Shirley and the wonderful work you have done!
  • Diana Williams
  • krystle Riggs
  • L Margaret Pomeroy
  • L Margaret Pomeroy
    I missed your volunteer in the neighborhood today, but did get the door hanger. I returned to SA a little over a year ago after a 25-year period away and am still catching up on politics. I was raised on the southeast side and am new to District 5. I can see that Shirley Gonzales has done some great things for her district, but as a lesbian senior, I am wondering where she stands on LGBT issues. I have become acquainted with the mayor’s views, but have not heard anything specific about those of Council Woman Gonzales.

    Thank you,

    L. Margaret Pomeroy